Welcome to aiohttp_auth_autz’s documentation!

This library provides authorization and authentication middleware plugins for aiohttp servers.

These plugins are designed to be lightweight, simple, and extensible, allowing the library to be reused regardless of the backend authentication mechanism. This provides a familiar framework across projects.

There are three middleware plugins provided by the library. The auth_middleware plugin provides a simple system for authenticating a users credentials, and ensuring that the user is who they say they are.

The autz_middleware plugin provides a generic way of authorization using different authorization policies. There is the ACL authorization policy as a part of the plugin.

The acl_middleware plugin provides a simple access control list authorization mechanism, where users are provided access to different view handlers depending on what groups the user is a member of. It is recomended to use autz_middleware with ACL policy instead of this middleware.

This is a fork of aiohttp_auth library that fixes some bugs and security issues and also introduces a generic authorization autz middleware with built in ACL authorization policy.


Install aiohttp_auth_autz using pip:

$ pip install aiohttp_auth_autz

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